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LILi: Lifelong Information Literacy 2023 Conference

TILTing the Library's Online Tutorials

Presented by Abby Koehler (Whatcom Community College) (Pronouns: she/her)

This session describes the Transparency in Learning & Teaching (TILT) framework our college uses to guide the design of curricular materials. This framework makes certain recommendations in student-centered design of curricular materials. It values establishing a clear purpose, providing concise tasks, and sharing criteria for student success through demonstrations or examples. In Winter 2023, I hosted 5 student employees over 5 weeks to review the library's tutorials within the TILT framework. Through a qualitative analysis of the students' feedback, I came to understand that students needed something different from the information literacy tutorials as we presented them. This analysis represents the first part of what hopefully will become an iterative design process for the library as we continue to respond to student needs and model socially just curriculum design for our college community through our information literacy tools and services.