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LILi: Lifelong Information Literacy 2023 Conference

Keeping it Simple: Accessible Database Tipsheets for Students

Presented by Charisa Deremiah (Arizona State University) (Pronouns: she, her) ; Lisa Kammerlocher (Arizona State University) (Pronouns: she, her); Mary Ann Naumann (Arizona State University) (Pronouns: she, her); and Allinston Saulsberry (Arizona State University) (Pronouns: she, her)

Instructional design for learning objects that support students’ effective database searching has always been challenging. Developers seek to avoid cognitive overload but also need to provide learners with enough detail on relevant concepts and processes to promote successful searching. We were using an interactive software program for our ten database tutorials that didn’t work consistently and was confusing to students. We wanted to know if something as simple as database tip sheets could replace these tutorials. Students could use these for a quick review online or use them at their computer for assistance when trying to search. Initial tip sheets were created for five databases including Academic Search Premier, Access World News, Google Scholar, ASU’s One Search, and PsycInfo. Graduate and undergraduate students were recruited for IRB approved user testing to assess Academic Search Premier and PsycInfo. Students also completed a short survey regarding potential use and value of the tip sheets. The information provided by the students was invaluable, informing the final design of the tip sheets in combination with Universal Design principlines. We also learned that the tip sheets alone could not replace our existing tutorials leading to a new approach for teaching database skills. A generic database skills tutorial is in progress using Articulate Rise infused with multimedia and choose your own adventure options leading to tip sheets for various disciplines. This poster/presentation will describe our small victory detailing the issue we faced, highlighting the design process for the new database tip sheets, discussing how the user testing process informed our decision-making and demonstrating the final solution including the tutorial and tip sheets.