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LILi: Lifelong Information Literacy 2023 Conference

Zombifying Student Engagement: Going for Gold

Presented by Melissa Johnson (Southern Methodist University) (Pronouns: she/her), Tracey Rinehart (Southern Methodist University) (Pronouns: he/him), Gayle Freeman-Staggs (Southern Methodist University) (Pronouns: she/her), and Justin Harrison (Southern Methodist University) (Pronouns: he/him)

No one wants a class of zombies. Unless, of course, you’re teaching about them! Recently, a team of Business Librarians pushed ourselves out of our teaching comfort zones. We discovered that by incorporating gamified learning into a recent instruction session students were invested, engaged and the leaders of unique learning experiences. By leaning into the unexpected and encouraging student creativity and teamwork, not only did students surprise us but they surprised themselves. Attendees will learn the benefits of letting students lead and surprise you, being open to the unexpected and students’ creative potential, and a method for implementing innovative instructional techniques. Come be part of the horde and get ready to flesh out your own instruction.