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IL Curriculum Mapping Project

At the April 15, 2011 LILi meeting, attendees agreed to form two committees. One committee was to compare IL curricula from different types of libraries to each other, including relevant curricula from the sites linked below. The purpose of this comparison was to identify commonalities and gaps in IL instruction at various levels. This information will be useful as LILi members work to develop sequential IL curricula. The other committee was to compare IL Standards to each other, including ACRL and AASL Standards. At a later LILi meeting, the two committees were merged and continued to work first on Standards comparison before moving on to developing a survey of various types of libraries in California, and then, a curricula comparison.

The group conducted a literature review to see if others had already done this sort of comparison. Group members checked EBSCO's free LISTA database (Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts), in addition to other databases. (See Literature Review document and Standards Mapping Report below.)