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Show & Tell is our online instruction series

Michelle Sanchez - Two-Shots Instead of One: Using the Flipped Classroom to Teach Information Literacy

February 7, 2024
10:00 am - 11:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm  Eastern

Two-Shots Instead of One: Using the Flipped Classroom to Teach Information Literacy
Michelle Sanchez (she/her)
Reference Librarian at Chaffey College

While college faculty reach out to their liaison librarians with requests to teach information literacy to their classes, librarians still face the challenge of presenting a large amount of content within a one-shot session of at most fifty minutes. As a result, students have difficulty absorbing the information and recalling what the librarian presented to them during the in-class session. Therefore, it is important that cognitive offload is done in order to help students retain the information being taught.

Research on the flipped classroom model over the past five years has shown to be promising when it comes to engaging college students and getting them to remember such topics as developing search strategies, choosing appropriate databases, and how to find peer-reviewed articles. Having students watch a pre-made interactive tutorial that shows how to use specific research skills prepares them in advance for the hands-on practice that takes place during the librarian’s scheduled in-person visit.

In my proposed presentation, I will discuss my experience utilizing the flipped classroom model with a sociology research methods course. I will address the collaboration process with the requesting instructor, the creation of the interactive tutorial using PlayPosit, and student engagement with the tutorial and during the in-person follow-up class.

Email: Michelle Sanchez

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