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Show & Tell is our online instruction series

Andrea Baer - Algorithmic Awareness - December 1, 2021

Andrea Baer

Algorithmic Awareness

December 1, 2021

10:00am - 11:00am​ Pacific



Andrea Baer (Rowan University) will share about designing and facilitating an interactive workshop on algorithmic bias and algorithmic awareness. Challenging the notion that technology and algorithms are neutral, the workshop explores how algorithms influence not only online search, but also everyday life (e.g., how much someone pays for insurance, whether someone gets a bank loan). As participants consider how algorithms affect online and offline experiences, and how algorithms often perpetual social inequities, they are encouraged to consider ways to minimize the harms of algorithmic bias, starting with increased awareness. The workshop has been offered both online and in-person, and it has been done in credit courses and as part of a library workshop program that is open to the university community and the general public. Andrea will discuss key concepts and pedagogical approaches that inform the workshop and will invite participants to reflect on and share ways that algorithmic awareness is relevant to their teaching contexts. 


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