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Show & Tell

Show & Tell is our online instruction series

Ray Pun - Prezi + Zoom

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Online Instruction Show & Tell Series

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

10:00am - 11:00am​


Ray Pun

Ray Pun (he/him) showed and facilitated a discussion on using Prezi + Zoom. Ray is an instruction/research librarian at the Alder Graduate School of Education, a teacher's education program in the Bay Area, CA. Recently, he has been creatively exploring ways to present information to colleagues using Prezi Video, which has a great feature to engage with attendees visually.

Feedback from participants: What did you most appreciate/enjoy/think was best about this session?

1 Everything. So excited to try the Prezi video tool - thinking about using it to make videos for some modules I'm building. 

2 Learning something new. I’ve never seen Prezi Video used before